Damen Taktische Stiefel UA Valsetz RTS 1.5

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Wir wollten praktische, robuste Stiefel entwickeln, kombiniert mit dem Tragekomfort eines Laufschuhs. Mission erfüllt. Wir haben einen der meistverkauften Stiefel designt, dem Männer und Frauen in Uniform auf der ganzen Welt vertrauen.
  • Leicht und strapazierfähig
  • Strapazierfähige, aber dennoch flexible TPU-Zehenkappe für zusätzlichen Schutz
  • Die verschweißte PU-Schicht entlang des gesamten Randes sorgt für Abriebfestigkeit
  • Vorgeformte antimikrobielle Ortholite®-Einlegesohle
  • Die ultraleichte Mittelsohle aus Micro G™-EVA sorgt für Komfort – den ganzen Tag lang
  • Der Schaft aus leichtem TPU stützt den Mittelfußbereich und liefert die passende Stabilität
  • Die neue Außensohle mit Traktionsgummiprofil sorgt für Halt auf verschiedensten Böden
  • Sprengung: 7 mm
  • Höhe: 20 cm
  • Gewicht: 975 g
  • Importiert
  • Importiert

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Mind. Max.


Parecen comodísimas. El color un poco más oscuro de lo esperado.


First impressions were excellent excellent comfort and weight but within 5 days of use the stitching failed on the toe box and the cloth split up both sides on both boots such a let down for a good looking boot

Best light boots ever!

I ourchased these boots for work and they are light, comfortable and weatherproof! I love them fit to size and they look great!

Best boots ever

UA I absolutely love these boots. Please, please, please make them with a leather toe. We can only wear them on nightshift unless they have a full polishable toe.

Don't Last

I'm on my third pair of these boots. They are super comfortable, but don't last longer than about 6 months. I've owned my third pair for 7 months - 3.5 of which were not used during Covid-19 lockdown. I've been back at work for three weeks and this is what I have now. Unfortunately, three strikes and you're out Under Armour. It's a shame because of the comfort factor.

Great light weight boot

So I ordered these after trying the Men side zip shoe in the same model because they did not offer them in women. However the men zip shoe was killing my ankles the 1st day I tried them. So when I ordered the tactical 1.5 RTS I was a bit nervous, but the shoes feel great. They are very light weight, and comfortable if you have to stand for long periods at a time. Also a good shoe if you have to do some running or lots of walking at work. Usually I have to change the sole out of my shoes, but I had these about 2 weeks now and so far I have not had to change my soles. Thanks

Need to add a Zipper

The male version is so much better with a zipper and waterproofing. Please make the same design for women.

Survived my corrections career

A couple years ago, I bought these for my job as a corrections officer at a county jail. This meant I was on my feet all day, for 12-16 hour shifts, 5 days a week - AT LEAST. I needed something not only comfortable and durable, but also slip-proof. These were so comfortable, I never had the "breaking-in my shoes" blisters, even on the first full day wearing them. They lasted through all my rounds, through flooded floors, wet steps, running to codes, and all the other chaos that corrections officers have to deal with. Even after I quit my job at the jail 6 months later, I used these boots to get me through slippery winter sidewalks and such at my new job. I love them. My fiance (a corrections officer at a prison) has gone through two pairs of the mens' version of these boots, as the cloth on the side of the toes has torn, and the soles on one pair had fallen off. He loved his too, but it seems like the newer versions of these boots aren't as durable as they were a few years ago when we bought our first pairs.


I’m a Correctional Officer in my 40’s and I’m on my feet for 12-16 hours a day, and I’ve tried multiple tactical boots over the years. I’ve read all the reviews and I just don’t get it. These are BY FAR the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had!!! When the box came, we thought for sure UA had made a mistake and sent an empty box because it felt empty! That’s how LIGHT these boots are! I didn’t even have to break them in! I do however highly recommend replacing the insoles they come with for something better. I actually use 2, and 1 is small but has more arch support and it has changed my life. No more sore back and feet. It’s like wearing comfortable sneakers all day, and they’re super easy to clean. They’ve held up amazing so far. The only thing I’d even want to change is I wish they had the side zipper for easy on/off like the men’s version has. Can’t actually shine the boots either but for me the comfort totally makes up for that. I recommend these to all the new (and younger) CO’s I train. If you’re law enforcement, or just work on concrete floors long hours per day these boots are perfect! I personally haven’t had any issues with durability like the other reviews have stated and I’m so glad I went ahead and ordered them regardless of the negative reviews! Beware UA does take AWHILE to actually process your orders online!!! After I ordered them it took UA 12 days to actually ship these out (I paid for 3 day shipping) so don’t wait until your current boots aren’t wearable anymore to place an order. I also recommend actually measuring your feet and using UA’s true fit size guide. I’d even suggest going up 1/2 size if changing the insoles like I did. Customer service was outstanding when I contacted them to ask why so long to process/ship my order. Due to the covid-19 crisis I’ve been working a lot of extra hours and was in desperate need for my order. The customer service rep was outstanding and he made sure my boots were shipped the next morning and took excellent care of me. You won’t find tactical boots more comfortable than these!

This product is 100% worth the purchase

I’ve been wearing these boots for 8-10 hour shifts and they feel great. No pain or discomfort and very light weight .