Herren Gürtel UA Webbing 2.0

Artikelnummer 1305487
€ 20,00
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Men's UA Webbing Belt 2.0

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Mit der schnell und einfach verschließbaren Schnalle lässt sich dieser Gürtel perfekt anpassen. Er wurde im Hinblick auf Flexibilität auf dem Golfplatz konzipiert, aber sei nicht überrascht, wenn du ihn täglich trägst.
  • Der Stoffgürtel bietet den perfekten Mix aus Robustheit und Dehnbarkeit
  • Klemmschnalle und Endstück aus Metall mit geprägten Details
  • Wendbarer Gürtel mit einfarbiger Rückseite
  • Artikelnr.: 1305487
  • Breite: 3,5 cm
  • 100 % Polyester
  • Importiert
  • Die Länge lässt sich individuell kürzen (Universalgröße)

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Mind. Max.

Why make it so difficult??

Almost gouged my finger trying to get the metal clip off to cut the belt to size. There has got to be a better way to do this. Plus you need a screwdriver any time you want to reverse the belt. Disappointing design which surprised me. Not typical of UA.

Great Looking Belt

The belt looks great, feels great, and fits great. One aspect they can improve is providing better instructions. The belt is suppose to be reversible, but it is not clear how to take it apart and make that happen.

Great all rounder

Does exactly what I expected it to do. The belt is one size (can adjest this and cut it down but I didn't bother as for a 36" waist its fine. I wear in shorts and for sports it performs really well and is super comfortable. It holds in place and looks the part

Perfect training/everyday shirt

I wish there were more colors because I would buy them all. Great athletic fit, not compression and not loose for training. Great return and feel. Please make this in more colors! I am 6ft, 230lbs and bought an XL. My chest size is a 48”, arm size 17”.

one size fits some

If your waist is a 42 or bigger this belt wont fit you well. Which is stupid. They could have easily added some extra length and let the consumer cut it down if needed since the buckle is easily moved. Huge disappointment.

Belt is not much

The belt end is too large for most of the belt loops in my shorts. It is a struggle to get the belt through them. It has square edges that are sharp. When sitting that sharp edge may dig into your stomach.

Super Qualität

Sehr formstabil angenehm zu tragen immrt wieder gern

Not a nice as expected from the photographes.

I’m not sure what I received is the same as the one photographed.

Not a nice as expected from the photographes.

I’m not sure what I received is the same as the one photographed.

Not very comfortable.

Very stiff. Nice part is you can adjust the length very easily.