Men's UA Resistor III Crew Socks 6-Pack

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Mens UA Resistor III Crew Socks 6-Pack
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Men's UA Resistor III Crew Socks 6-Pack

Product DNA

  • Strategic Cushioning protects high-impact areas of the foot
  • Moisture Transport System wicks sweat away from the body
  • Embedded arch support reduces foot fatigue
  • Six pairs of socks
  • Imported

Review Summary

44 Reviews

Softest most comfortable socks

Love these socks, great fit and feel. Recommend to anyone for everyday or sports use.

Quality, Comfortable, and a good value for what I got them for.

I went to get Shoes and I got a couple a few things extra. These socks I like as they were not over priced I got them on sale and I got the military discount which made them more to my liking. They are not heavy socks they have a good snug but not tight feel to them.

Quality and style. What's the deal not wearing sox guys?

I like wearing thicker sox all year long these for the bill. Soft not itchy fit my size 12 foot and they stay up all day long. Does feel good at day's end when I remove them.

Amazing product

Excelent confort and quality, Always recommended....

Good quality

Good price and fit. Provides excellent protection from chafing.

Comfortable but shorter than expected

Very comfortable socks, a little thin so I'm not sure how long they will last. They're shorter than expected too, I was hoping they would come a little higher on my calf.

awesome socks

had same socks last year. hold up very well. My son loves them


So normally after wearing new socks I have fuzzies all over my feet at the end of the day when I take them off and these were the perfect socks all day.

Tried the black ones but too hot

These socks fit well, feel good, look nice, and are comfortable at first. My feet get unbearably hot in them after a few hours so I have to take off my shoes to let my feet cool down. I've decided it's the polyester so I'm sticking with socks that are mostly cotton in the future. About 1/3 of the socks had around 1/4" snagged areas where the material was pulled out of the sock.

Great, just tight

Coming from me the tight part is odd because I do like my clothes tight. However, for me at least the toes could be a little more lose, personal preference. Anyways,I can't take any Stars away there because besides Minor discomfort they still feel amazing. Everywhere else the socks touch feels like this hugging you not squeezing you. Also, they don't stink