Chaussures de course UA Charged Impulse pour homme

Nº réf.  3021950
€ 70,00
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Ces chaussures de course pour homme sont aérées, légères et souples. Profitez du confort d'une empeigne en mesh aérée, d'une foulée tout en fluidité grâce au système Charged Cushioning® et d'une impulsion parfaite.
  • Empeigne en mesh technique légère, extrêmement flexible et respirante, assurant un maintien stratégique
  • Structure style chausson sur les ¾ de la longueur, qui enveloppe le milieu et l'avant du pied pour un ajustement plus sécurisé et confortable
  • Semelle intermédiaire Charged Cushioning®, avec caoutchouc réduit au minimum au niveau de la semelle extérieure pour un amorti, une flexibilité et une légèreté d'exception
  • Semelle extérieure en caoutchouc robuste pour protéger les zones les plus exposées à l'impact et offrir une résistance accrue sans ajouter de poids
  • Éléments réfléchissants pour plus de visibilité en cas de faible luminosité
  • Numéro du modèle : 3021950
  • Semelle intérieure amovible
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 8 mm
  • Poids : 8 oz / 227 g
  • Produit importé
  • NEUTRE : pour les coureurs qui recherchent un équilibre entre flexibilité et amorti

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Looking for a name

The shoes are for my husband his feet are always sore. Your shoes are good for him but this time felt like he was getting a blister in the back of his foot , weird

Fits perfectly!

Great looking shoe. A little hard to walk on but gives good comfort and support while running. A new addition to my casual wear.

Comfortable shoe not durable at all

I was really pleased with this shoe at first but they wore out extremely fast. I ordered them Sep 5th, 2020 I walk an average of 3 miles a day and weigh about 230 at 6 ft. tall. The sole is already falling apart. Two months to the day and the shoes are trashed. I feel like it is an expensive shoe to fall apart that quickly. I have had good luck with other UA shoes in the past but these are awful.

Great shoe!

This is the kind of shoe I have been looking for. I really like the white with blue trim look and Under Armour doesn't make too many shoes with this color scheme. These are comfortable with the color I wanted. I am a happy customer!

This product is top notch

This style of sneakers and light, comfortable, supportive and stylish. These sneakers come in many colors and can take a lot of punishment during tough workouts. I also like that there is a considerable amount of air flow so my feet can breath but still give me the stability I need.


The shoes are comfortable. As soon as it's good to run outdoors again I'll be testing these shoes out.

Tres chique

Tolle Optik und superleicht. Spritzenpreis für diesen Schuh

Great buy!

I love the fit, look and comfort of this shoe! Zero complaints! And a steal at the price!

Light & comfortable

Very light and comfortable fitting shoe. Plenty of width so feet do not feel cramped. Is previously read reviews about gravel in the tread , which I can confirm does happen , but not a major problem. I’d definitely buy them again

Wonderful shoe except one thing...

I love these shoes, I even went back and bought another pair. Both pairs now exhibit this issue, whenever you walk on just about any surface except carpet they will squeak. When they are brand new or hardly worn you will not experience this issue but after a few months be prepared to start hearing them squeak...squeak...squeak everytime you take a step.