Chaussures de course UA Highlight Delta 2 Running pour homme

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Men's UA Highlight Delta 2 Running Shoes

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Une chaussure de course offrant davantage de soutien ne doit pas pour autant être raide ou volumineuse. Le modèle Highlight Delta 2 offre un amorti hors-pair, avec une empeigne dans une maille légère et un montant de cheville stretch avec revers pour offrir une coupe parfaite et un look moderne.
  • Empeigne Threadborne pour un style de type compression qui permet au pied de respirer et de rester maintenu dans toutes les directions
  • Fils réfléchissants sur l'empeigne pour vous rendre plus visible quand vous courez à la tombée de la nuit
  • Coupe moulée au niveau du talon pour empêcher ce dernier de glisser
  • Montant de cheville en bord-côtes qui offre une coupe confortable et un soutien inégalé
  • Lacets avec œillets profonds pour une plus grande liberté de mouvement avec le pied
  • Doublure Charged Cushioning® qui se fait au pied pour une coupe adaptée et un confort inégalé
  • Semelle intermédiaire Charged Cushioning® double épaisseur, avec mousse comprimée pour plus de résistance et de réactivité, offrant un amorti parfait et un renvoi d’énergie idéal pour une performance optimale
  • Traction multi-surface qui convient à toutes les surfaces
  • Rainures flexibles placées de façon stratégique pour la souplesse appropriée aux endroits clés
  • Détail réfléchissant sous le talon pour davantage de visibilité
  • Compensation : 4 mm
  • Poids : 250 g
  • Imported

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The perfect shoe with a catch

This is literally the perfect shoe in terms of comfort; however, the reviews that say the shoe runs large are true. I went with my gut based on the number of reviews that said the shoe fits loose and ordered a half size smaller than I usually wear. I wear an 11 in all my other UA running/training shoes and I definitely need a 10.5 in this shoe. That aside, it is flexible, support is perfect where it needs to be. This is my new favorite shoe and will be buying other colors! These shoes work excellently in the gym!


I was looking at the same comfort from my previous UA Highlight Delta and I have to tell you this one is no match. The Delta 2 feels funny, almost loose when you wear it and there is virtually no cushioning from the sole. The Delta 2 is looking good, but that's pretty it. UA, when you have a design that works fantastically why in the word do you go for a version 2 that does not do the job?

I Like them

Very comfortable and good looking shoe. I mostly wear them to the gym when working out. I have run in them and liked them a lot. As people said they do run a titch big. I have wider feet so they were fine.


This is my 7th pair of UA trainers and by far my least favorite. I see the attempt at support but there is too much room in the shoe. Should have tried the Rock trainer. Pass on this one.

I love these

These shoes are great for casual wear and running. They compliment UA Joggers very well.


I've rocked MANY premium UA running and training shoes successfully. Highlight Delta v1 was incredible with great cushioning, responsiveness, and a comfortable fit. Here comes the Highlight Delta v2. Looks amazing out of the box, but putting it on... it runs HUGE. Way too roomy all around to the point where it doesn't make sense to wear it. Definitely choose 1/2 size smaller than your standard. I typically wear men's size 10 in my running shoes, and this could have easily been a men's 9.5 for a better fit. In addition to the roomy sloppy upper, the sock liner and midsole cushioning are nothing compared to the previous version. It feels lighter by weight which is nice, but at the end of the day I'd prefer more security. Seems like the last needs to be refined. My foot runs wide by all accounts and measurements, and even this shoe made me feel like I have a narrow dainty foot.

Great shoe with a few side notes

This is a fantastic training shoe. Looks great with the knit and has great traction. It defiantly runs big so i would recommend ordering at least half a size smaller than your normal

Not confortible

Replace the sole with the slingshot and you will have a winner. The slingshot beats out the slingflex and delta 2

Delta 2 is a failure compared to the Delta 1: Product development pls listen up!

I loved everything under armour but these Delta 2s are a disappointment. I hope your product development team listens. 1) the insoles are much thinner, looks and feels cheap. I had to swap the delta 1 insoles into the delta 2 for more cushioning. 2) not enough bounce - charged is not there 3) not enough support on ankle - ankle moves around too much 4) poor stability, the heel and ankle needs serious improvement. 5) the shoe will also make you look noticeably shorter by 1/2 inch 6) nothing wrong looking like a lifestyle shoe, I actually like the designs but not enough performance compared to the delta 1 To make a the shoe better, UA should use thicker cushioning on the heel and more ankle protection. Laces should be given the option to lace up higher for more support and control. It's okay to add a few ounces to the shoe so there is more cushioning. Tough to run long distance and/or jump around in the shoe when the heel it is so low to the ground, with poor ankle support and lackluster cushioning. Plus it makes you look short when worn as a lifestyle shoe. To be honest many of your customers would appreciate looking taller while wearing a shoe that can also perform and look nice.

If they had something to protect the top of your foot

If these had something to protect the top of your foot, they would be near perfect. The first deltas are still my best ever running shoes by a country mile. The delta 2 would be better if they weren’t so painful when you have the laces tied up. If Under Armour put something in to protect the top of your foot from the laces and the excess material, then these would have a 5 star review. It’s a shame they messed with perfection.