Chaussures de course UA HOVR™ Infinite 3 Camo pour homme

Nº réf.  3024001
€ 140,00
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Disponible en quantités limitées, 1.000 par personne seulement.
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Les coureurs longue distance professionnels veulent une efficacité et un retour d'énergie optimaux. C'est exactement ce qu'ils trouvent avec le modèle UA HOVR™ Infinite 3. Ça, et le coaching en temps réel. Connectez vos chaussures à UA MapMyRun® et améliorez votre course grâce à des conseils personnalisés.
  • CONNECTÉES À UA MAPMYRUN®, qui mesure et analyse chaque paramètre de course pour vous aider à améliorer vos performances
  • Technologie UA HOVR™ offrant une sensation « zéro gravité » pour conserver un retour d'énergie qui contribue à éliminer l'impact
  • Mesh de compression Energy Web qui donne forme à la mousse UA HOVR™ afin de restituer l'énergie que vous produisez
  • Empeigne en mesh technique extrêmement légère et respirante, avec un soutien stratégique aux endroits où vous en avez besoin
  • Contrefort interne au talon pour un maintien supplémentaire qui aide à immobiliser l'arrière du pied
  • Semelle intérieure en EVA découpée sur toute la longueur, qui épouse la forme du pied et est antidérapante pour un confort idéal
  • Rainures de flexion profondes et placées stratégiquement pour une flexibilité adaptée aux zones clés
  • Crampons en caoutchouc carbone sous le talon pour une adhérence et une résistance supérieures au niveau des zones à fort impact
  • Numéro du modèle : 3024001
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 8 mm
  • Poids : 303 g
  • Produit importé
  • NEUTRE : pour les coureurs qui recherchent un équilibre entre flexibilité et amorti

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first 3 miles (run/jog)

The INFINITE 3's are basically boosters for your running performance. I ran indoors no problem and it felt like I was stepping on clouds that sent me flying. Then I took it to the streets and found it more fun to run. These shoes are worth every penny and they have style so if you want to wear them out instead of using them as gym shoes you are more than able to.

Cannot Recommend Enough - Extremely Comfortable From the Outset!

I have purchased a few running shoes made by top running brands in the past. I even got analysed on the tredmill in the shop before buying them. I have to say I never really felt much benefit from those shoes. This time I decided to just buy a standard pair of running shoes online and see how I went. I hadn't heard of under armour running shoes so wasn't sure how good this brand was for this type of product. However I wanted to try them to measure my cadance, after using the MapMyRun (free verson) App. The shoes arrived today and they instantly felt comfortable. They connected to my phone app and wrist product easily just by opening the apps (You do need to be wearing the shoes when you try to connect). I went for a run and I cannot express in words just how comfortable these shoes are. I did a personal best on my first kilometer, and thoroughly enjoyed the run. I didn't need to "break them in". I was blown away by the weath of data on my run. I have had running injuries and so technique is somehting I am really trying hard to improve. Just from the first run I have already identified some big problems I need to fix, such as I am still heel striking slightly and I need to work more to stop this. I has thought I had stoped and I would never have realised without the technology in these trainers. I am very excited to see how they help me develop in this my much loved hobby and I feel they are the best investment I have ever made for running. I have never been very keen on the styling and asthetic of running shoes, but I really love the way this product looks. It's always a bit of a risk buying online, but I love these, and the size guide was so helpful too. I was not sure if you needed to subscribe to MapMyRun to get the most out of these shoes and I was a bit anxious about paying for the technology in the shoe and then being trapped into the subsciption. To my happy surpise once I connected the shoes to the app I automatically got upgraded to 1 year's free premium access - perfect! I figure I should replace the shoes at least once a year anyway and this perk comes with all comptible shoes. They realy should advertise this perk on the product page more, because I would have been less hesitant to buy the shoes. Overall, what more can I say but: AMAZING!