Chaussures d'entraînement UA HOVR™ Apex 2 pour femme

Nº réf.  3023008
€ 140,00
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  • Technologie UA HOVR™ offrant une sensation « zéro gravité » pour conserver un retour d'énergie qui contribue à éliminer l'impact
  • Mousse UA HOVR™ intégrée à une semelle intermédiaire en EVA plus ferme pour un équilibre parfait entre confort et performances
  • Empeigne en mesh léger avec imprimé 3D pour une protection et une résistance inégalées
  • Structure de bride offrant un maintien amélioré, qui libère le mouvement de l'avant-pied en stabilisant le talon
  • Technologie UA TriBase™ qui maximise le contact avec le sol, favorise les mouvements naturels et offre une grande souplesse pour une meilleure adhérence pendant les exercices de musculation
  • Numéro du modèle : 3023008
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 8 mm
  • Poids : 319 g
  • Produit importé

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Falling Apart in Less Than 4 Months!

I purchased these in Nov and didn’t start using them until Jan. Even then I only work out twice a week for an hour. So after a few months the bottoms are already falling apart. They’re still so new that even the tops barely have dirt! I love the color and foot stability but for being such a new shoe from a reputable company I would’ve expected them to last much longer. Others have good reviews so maybe I just got “lucky”.

Give women neutral colours like you do men’s

Loved these shoes but not the women’s one because of the weird colour combinations. I had to buy in men’s because they have them in black without any distasteful colours on them. A little too big but that’s what it’s come to since women aren’t given the option of a black trainers without bright colours on them . Shame, I would have given it 5 stars

Las tallas son pequeñas

Las zapatillas estaban bien, me gusto mucho el diseño pero no pude probarlos ya que tallan pequeño, recomiendo pedir una talla completa de mas. De momento estoy esperando el reembolso del dinero, el proceso ha sido sencillo pero preferiría recibir un correo notificándome que se recibió y procederán al reembolso. Espero tener la oportunidad de probarlos pronto.

Talla pequeño

Lastimosamente queda pequeño, mi talla es 38 pero queda muy justo, me deje llevar por las reseñas y su opinion de la talla pero compren una talla mas. El diseño me gusta solo que no aplican cambios y debes devolverlos y comprarlos de nuevo.


Great foot support Good cushion. Was firstly surprised how hard it was to tight them but not an issue in the end. They offer a very good stability and maintain. Good to run, hiit or muscle

Best shoe

These shoes are my new fav shoe. They are great for lifting weights and all kinds of cardio. They have great support and so comfy.

Comfortable and stable

My first impression was they're quite clumpy on my feet in comparison to the minimalist cross trainers I'm used to. But I needed a change as I'm doing more short treadmill and road runs (max 2K) in my training sessions and need a shoe that works for lifting but has more cushioning to run a bit in too. Also wanted something a bit more rugged to cope with training outdoors during lockdown. They fit true to size and were instantly comfortable with plenty of room for my toes to move - my feet are quite wide. The lacing at the top is a bit fiddly and I can see why other reviews complain that the flat laces fray on the plastic eyelets. I'll be careful there. One WOD down and they were totally comfortable, brilliant for lifts, burpees and kettlebell work, they keep your feet and ankles stable and the soles have great grip. I didn't love running in them though, found them to be quite heavy and a bit cumbersome on a 1K road run. Will persevere though, see if I get used to them as I love them in every other way.

Best sneakers

Perfect fit n stability, comfort would love to see these in more colors like white n black, white and red, hard to find a perfect shoe in these colors, white goes with everything !!

My New Favorite Shoe

Love these shoes. I have been searching for years to find a training shoe that works well for me. This shoe is perfect for me. It was comfortable out do the box. Greta support for all exercise with great support.

Offer more black/neutral colors in women's sizes!

Please offer this shoe in black/neutral colors, like you do in men's.