Chaussures d'entraînement UA TriBase™ Reign pour homme

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À la salle de sport, vous devez vous sentir le plus possible en contact avec le sol.Chaque exercice, chaque série, chaque mouvement part de là.La technologie TriBase™ d'Under Armour optimise le contrôle du sol grâce à trois points de contact pour établir une base basse et stable, qui laisse au pied sa flexibilité naturelle.
  • Conçues pour les séances d'entraînement intenses avec une matière indéchirable et une maille durable pour un maintien léger et une résistance à l'abrasion intégrale
  • La technologie Under Armour TriBase au niveau de la semelle extérieure optimise le contact avec le sol là où votre pied en a le plus besoin. Elle garantit une flexibilité supérieure vers le haut pour effectuer des mouvements naturels, et vers le bas pour renforcer l'adhérence lors des montées
  • Contrefort de talon externe pour une stabilité et un maintien du talon accrus
  • Semelle intermédiaire en mousse Micro G® sur toute la longueur pour un amorti optimal
  • Semelle extérieure 100 % caoutchouc qui enveloppe les faces latérales et médianes pour une plus grande durabilité et une meilleure résistance à l'abrasion avec bande adhérente tressée
  • Structure en caoutchouc stratégique sous le bout du pied pour améliorer l'adhérence au sol
  • Structure près du sol pour des sensations et un transfert de puissance accrus
  • Semelle intérieure non amovible
  • Compensation : 2 mm
  • Poids : 292 g
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Great shoe

Love this sneaker very comfortable would by again!


This is my second time to buy UA shoe and I highly recommend it for someone who wants to have comfortable, durable and nice shoes

Minimal cushion with no insole

Right width, very little cushion under ball of foot

I had high hopes.

I had my eyes on this model of the reigns for a while. I finally got them on discount when the reign 2’s arrived. When my shoes finally arrived however i found the left shoe to be extremely uncomfortable vs the right shoe. The heel in the left shoe felt like it had a concrete pad and the toe box made a clicking sound when walking. The right shoe however felt fine, and made no clicking sound. I checked to make sure they were both the same size, i checked the left shoe for any defects in the sole and found nothing wrong. I boxed them back up immediately and drove them to the post office for a return the same day. I really wish they had worked out.

Its made for the insane training

With cardio maybe it hurts from the ankle a bit but i pulled it few times till it loosened a bit and works perfect for me ... You feel you're in control inside the shoes.. that you'd not slip and thats what i just need

Horrible Shoes

This are the worst shoes ever. They are stiff and hurt my feet during training. While running it felt like I was wearing bricks on my feet. I highly recommend not buying these shoes. I was extremely disappointed cause I’m a huge UA supporter...

Great shoe with one big problem

Loving this shoe- very light and comfortable. I have narrow feet and these shoes fit really well. ONE big problem is the back of the shoe- no indent for your Achilles tendon. The shoe digs in really badly, creating blisters...they actually tore through a pair of socks after 1 workout!


My husband and I was getting so frustrated, since companies came out with the light weight material, to us they just seem not to hold up long enough or give you good support for your feet. So I was so excited to find such a wonderful hardy/sturdy pair that is still light. As you will see in the pics, his expressions when I give them to him. Like a kid getting a new puppy.

Cool shoe...Narrow Fit

Great looking shoe with a minimalist style fit. Appears to have great tread and built side walls for non-traditional training styles. I have a standard/average foot shape, so each person might have a different experience. Heel support and overall shoe fit was great, and although the toebox was average+....personally, I had an odd pressure point from the sole of the shoe on the lateral (outside) of the shoe. I am not sure if it was the side wall design effecting the sole or an anomaly, but it was very uncomfortable. I simply tried them on. I did not train in them, so I am not sure what effects it would have in that regard.

Aweful shoe

For the past 8 years I have worn UA shoes and have loved them. I have had these for 5 months. After the 1st workout I realized they are NOT designed for athletic activity. They are casual and poor at that. The bottom of the shoe is now coming apart and can no longer be worn.