Chaussures d'entraînement UA Ultimate Speed NM pour homme

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Chaussures dentraînement UA Ultimate Speed NM pour homme
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Chaussures d'entraînement UA Ultimate Speed NM pour homme

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These shoes were built for athletes who amp up their training with higher intensity bursts of activity and cardio. They have the extra stability, flexibility, and speed you need to move faster and go harder.
  • Tige respirante et légère pour une sensation de fraîcheur
  • Couche dynamique enveloppant l'avant du pied pour une plus grande stabilité latérale et un maintien accru
  • Col moulé à la cheville avec rembourrage pour une coupe anatomique et un confort accru
  • Semelle intérieure prédécoupée en EVA sur toute la longueur qui épouse le pied, évite de glisser et offre un confort absolu sous le pied
  • Semelle intermédiaire à double densité permettant la souplesse des mouvements de l'avant du pied, un meilleur amorti du talon ainsi qu'un maintien du milieu de la voûte plantaire
  • Amorti stratégique à l'avant du pied avec mousse en EVA ferme sous le talon pour plus de stabilité, parfait pour passer du tapis de course aux poids
  • Semelle extérieure en caoutchouc adhérent avec rainures profondes pour une plus grande flexibilité
  • Motifs adaptés sur la semelle extérieure pour plus d'adhérence quelle que soit la surface
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 6 mm
  • Poids : 278,5 g
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One of my best shoes!

I love it, one of my best shoes and I enjoyed it and feel safe when I wear it. Even playing basketball with these shoes, no worries. Looks great and surely no regret for buying it. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Good quality

The shoe size was small, but high quality product and looks amazing. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Nice shoes

Great deal, nice shoes, confortable as well ! Highly recommended ! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]

Stylish, but not comfortable

I purchased these and also in Navy. They look great. I only use these for the gym and do not wear them outside the gym. After 10 minutes of wear, they make my arch in my foot ache. Both pairs do this. I tried wearing them around the house several times to try and break them in and they just are not comfortable. I had them on today at the gym and was on the treadmill. I had to change in to my street shoes as they were hurting so bad. I wear 80% Under Armour shoes, but I was not happy with these 2 pairs.

Top pair of shoes!

I have bought a lot of UA shoes over the years and these are right up there. I am a personal trainer so wear them every day. They are comfortable but also functional and great for gym workouts, squats, lunges etc. You could also do some running in them but I wouldn't want to run more than a few K in them (get specific running trainers for longer runs). I am between a size 7.5 (UK) and and 8 and I have the 7.5 and they fit well (they give a little after wearing for a few days so bear with them). I have the black with grey sole, they look pretty cool and don't show the dirt as much as the white soled shoes.

UA Ultimate Speed

Most excellent product - I like the way you can select darker sole colours that look better for longer

Terrible, I'm having issues with my feet

They look great and very stylish. But, my feet started hurting as I used them more. I ignored it thinking it's because I'm breaking into them bad. I did a terrible mistake of taking these to a 10 day trip I was on(These were the only sneakers I carried). As I started getting onto trails the pain got worse. I had to stop running for three weeks. I'm still recovering. I suppose it's just me. But, I would give anything to reverse the decision of taking these on my trip. I should've got new shoes before it got this worse. Still the shoes look great. I just wish they were comfortable.

Comfortable and affordable

Fits well and I as casual gym goer it's perfect. It's also comfortable and nice Design and it feels like you are walking on clouds. Really good.

Great trainers good fit would buy again

Very well made should last a long time thay are very comfotable

great for lifting!

I wanted a trainer to use just for the gym and this was the one I wanted. Love it and will buy again if I need to.