Short UA Qualifier Speedpocket 18 cm pour homme

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Short UA Qualifier Speedpocket 18 cm pour homme

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Courir avec votre téléphone n'a jamais été aussi facile.La conception unique de la Speedpocket d'Under Armour vous permet d'y glisser un téléphone grand format facilement, sans rebondir.Conçus pour une utilisation intelligente révolutionnaire, tous nos équipements Qualifier Under Armour peuvent être associés ou portés séparément afin de vous laisser vous concentrer sur vos foulées.Nous nous chargeons des détails. Il ne vous reste plus qu'à courir.
  • Ajusté: Près du corps sans trop coller
  • Poche Speedpocket d'Under Armour extensible à l'avant de la ceinture, qui permet de ranger vos biens, car elle est résistante à l'eau et ne rebondit pas
  • Matière tissée stretch ultra-légère qui offre une liberté de mouvement absolue
  • Doublure en mesh qui permet à l'humidité de s'échapper et offre une respirabilité optimale
  • Panneaux latéraux en mesh pour plus d'aération
  • Matière bi-stretch extensible dans tous les sens
  • Matière qui élimine la transpiration et sèche très rapidement
  • Poche zippée sécurisée au centre sur l'arrière
  • Éléments réfléchissants pour une meilleure visibilité dans des conditions de faible luminosité
  • Entrejambe : 18 cm
  • Importé

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Speedpocket will not fit a smartfone

I bought these shorts specifically for the front pocket that can carry a large phone ( I have a smartphone). It cannot. The pocket is a little tricky if you do want to use it often but is handy for dog bags, a tissue and something small. I think it would be uncomfortable if you wanted to use for a phone on a long run. That aside, I love the colour and fit may be slightly small but they do feel great. The rear pocket CAN fit a smartphone (minus phone cover) and will not bounce. One minor adjustment of a slightly bigger opening and slightly longer zip would easily accommodate a smartphone safely without effort. Overall I am split. I was extremely disappointed the front pocket didnt work as expected but pleased that the rear pocket will stretch over a Huawei Pro30 Mate. Colour is great. I would buy another pair but please tweak the opening and they would be perfect!!

Fantastic product!

Lightweight and just the right length. I wore these on leg day and then took them on a 7 mile run. Comfortable no later what you’re doing. The liner is snug without being too restrictive, and I was pleasantly surprised how well the front phone pocket held up. No bouncing and didn’t even know it was there. Plus, these shorts look great on. Bought two colors and will get the other two colors today. I’m 6-1, 250, athletic build and wear an XL.

Design Flaw

I wore these pants for the first time yesterday on a 6 mile run. I put my iPhone in the front cell phone pocket and it stopped working halfway through. Why? Because the pocket is made of solid material and doesn't let moisture drain out. So it was submerged in a growing puddle of about 2 inches of sweat. I don't understand why mesh wasn't use to allow for drainage. My phone is now damaged and it was working perfectly before wearing these shorts. UA needs to fix this design flaw. Given that the pocket is in the front of the pants, it is going to capture a lot of sweat if you are training hard - they need to use a different fabric or mesh for this pocket.

Great look but too tight

The fit is okay but its too tight. This is a fitted item so I recommend one size up. I like how it stretches with every move. I dislike how tight it is on the front, not a good choice if you are gifted. I would of liked if it disclose FITTED. If you are a medium, get a large. You will thank me. I'm going to rebuy this item but a bigger size.

Great shorts, "phone pocket"...nooo

If you just want shorts, these are nice, but the selling point is the phone pocket. It's too small and does not fit a standard phone with a normal size case.

The Truth About Speed Pocket Shorts

Speed pocket shorts are made with better quality than most of the other UA shorts. However these shorts “come up short” the zipper is so tiny in the speed pocket shorts that you can maybe put a key fob inside. The speed pocket in the front will only hold a regular I phone X. So if you have a bigger phone you are out of luck. I feel like after 5 or 6 times of using the speed pocket it is going to rip it become stretched out. There are no true pockets on these shorts. Overall I am disappointed.

Good fit, horrible durability and quality

Bought these shorts back in late July, got them July 29th. When arrived, they seemed great, they fit perfectly, and I really liked them. After just about a month of normal use, threads have come apart at multiple seams, the fabric itself is falling apart in a certain place. I have no idea how these shorts fallen apart so quick. And before anyone asks how I’m taking care of these shorts; I wash these in cold water on delicate (which is recommended) and air dry. So, the durability issue doesn't seem to lie in the fact that I may be improperly washing them. Quite sad, I’ve purchased mostly only Under Armour supplies since 2013, however the quality with these shorts an far under par with what I expect from UA.

Very odd

Probably the most awkward shorts I’ve ever owned. Draw strings are on the side. Pocket in the front really weird and the size is much smaller than the other 7” UA running shorts I placed in the same order. There’s a good chance these will end up in a donation box.

Only for training. Not for all day use

Speedpocket is too small for most phones. The phone barely fits in the speed pocket. I have the smallest profile case possible for a Samsung S8 and I need to take it off and the phone will still be protruding out of the top of the shorts. The waste is also tight. The shorts comfort is manageable to wear while training but are uncomfortable in any sitting situation. I ordered mediums and I usually fit a size 30 no problem. Probably would've gone with a size large.

5” are great- phone bounces too much in 7” with out the lining

The 5” with the lining is great and holds my phone in place. I wish the pockets were on the side and not in the back. The 7” without the lining has pockets on the side but the phone bounces around. Not sure why the phone is so secure in the 5” with lining and not in the 7” without the lining. The shorts fit great- size medium.