T-shirt de compression à manches longues UA RUSH pour homme

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Taille du modèle: Taille de l'article: Coupe: Compression
T-shirt de compression à manches longues UA RUSH pour homme

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Ce baselayer a été testé et est capable d’améliorer la force et l’endurance. Sérieusement. Le tissu imprégné de minéraux capte l’énergie émise par votre corps, l’absorbe et la renvoie dans vos tissus et vos muscles. Cela signifie que vos muscles peuvent davantage travailler. Et que vous progressez.
  • Compression: Coupe ultra-serrée seconde peau
  • La matière intégrant des minéraux absorbe l'énergie émise par le corps et la renvoie dans les tissus et les muscles, pour une endurance et une résistance renforcées
  • Panneaux en mesh pour une aération stratégique
  • Manches raglan actualisées et col discret
  • Technologie Celliant
  • Importé
  • Le corps émet
    de l’énergie

  • Le tissu imprégné de
    minéraux absorbe

  • Le tissu renvoie
    l’énergie vers le
    corps et les muscles

  • L’endurance et la
    force sont améliorées

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Great mock!

Fits well, purchased it on sale so the price was right. Overall great performance. I have mostly worked out @ home, hiked, & biked while wearing. I'd highly suggest any one to give it a try!

Hammer Teil

Passt wie eine zweite Haut, ist aber auch atmungsaktiv - klare Empfehlung von mir.


Yesterday was bicep day. Energy was a 5 out of 10. Mind was at a 5 also. A little chilly CA weather, so decided to try this RUSH compression with Celiant technology on under a shirt at the gym. Nocturnal HRV was a bit low and advised rest. Still, I felt like I should give it a try and move, to combat the chill. First thing I noticed, was that though my energy level was low, whatever weights or exercises I chose, my body kept going. I was pleasantly shocked. Was it the compression? I don't think so. I have worked out with compression shirts and other baselayers. Something felt different. It had to be the Celiant tech. So very impressed. The design has panels. All in all, I love the concept behind compression panels, running along the length of the muscle. But again, the one panel I think UA should change is the chest panel. Looks too much like an Umpire chest pad. I said that with the short sleeve RUSH compression. But all in all, I definitely recommend this over the shirt. It felt good, so much so that I kept it on after my workout for cooldown at least two hours after. Definitely a go-to shirt in my workout arsenal.

Awesome Product

I love the UA Rush line! It keeps me cool during my workouts, and I feel like I have more output in performance as well. Definitely worth a shot

Great product until

Was a great product felt perfect on me and the features of the compression were outstanding only downside to this product is I lost it within 2 weeks at a football game and haven’t been able to get another since