Damesshorts UA Qualifier Speedpocket 2-in-1

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Damesshorts UA Qualifier Speedpocket 2-in-1
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Damesshorts UA Qualifier Speedpocket 2-in-1

Product DNA

  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • In de waterbestendige zak midden aan de voorkant van de tailleband kun je je telefoon veilig en stevig opbergen
  • Geweven stretchstof van de buitenste shorts biedt ultiem comfort en superieure slijtvastheid; mesh overlay biedt extra ventilatie
  • Stof die in vier richtingen rekt zorgt voor meer bewegingsvrijheid in elke richting
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Geïntegreerde compressieshorts van gebreide stof voor ongeëvenaarde bedekking en ondersteuning
  • Ergonomische Flatlock-naden zorgen voor een comfortabele pasvorm zonder schuren
  • Reflecterende details zorgen voor meer zichtbaarheid bij hardlopen in het donker
  • Stevige ritszak aan de achterkant
  • Speedpocket aan de voorkant is geschikt voor de meeste telefoons, maximaal 15 x 8 cm
  • Binnenbeenlengte (shorts): 8 cm
  • Binnenbeenlengte (compressievoering): 5 cm
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Samenvatting Van De Beoordelingen

2 Beoordelingen

The Swiss Army Knife of running shorts

I have just completed my first run in these shorts and came here to say they are the closest to perfection I have tried. Like another reviewer said they do run a little small but seem to match the measurements listed on the site so be sure to review those. I purchased these because of the Speed Pocket because I like to run with my phone, these shorts do that so perfectly that I forgot I even had a phone except for the tunes playing in my ear :-) No bounce, no movement, I guess that is one plus of them running smaller than you might expect. The zippered pocket on the rear is perfect also, just the right size for an ID card and a key or two. I never felt anything back there and I fell confident that anything that would fit in there would be secure. Then we come to the trunk liner, its soft, comfortable, and did not ride up at all. It gave me the compression I like to have and fit me well. I even like the styling and the little details these have. My only complaint is that it seems like this short is going away from UA, one can only hope it is being replaced by something very similar. The highlight here is the combination of the speed pocket, the rear zippered pocket, and the excellent compression trunks.

Great feel - crazy small!

I managed to squeeze into my normal size medium shorts. They are crazy small. I mean CRAZY small. I am a size 6 and they do not fit. The feel of the material was awesome but wow. So sad to have to send them back. Wish UA would start making clothes for women in normal size.