Damesstring UA Pure Stretch - 3 stuks

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    • Kleur: Black (005)
    • Maat: Extra Small
    • XS
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Damesstring UA Pure Stretch - 3 stuks

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Product DNA

Goed ondergoed zie en voel je niet. Superzachte, lasergesneden randen zorgen voor een soepele, vrijwel onzichtbare pasvorm onder elk kledingstuk, van hardloopshorts tot onze strakste compressieleggings.
  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • Vernieuwde alfa-maten!
  • De nieuwe superzachte stretchstof biedt ongelooflijk veel comfort bij elke activiteit, de hele dag door
  • Afgewerkt met lasers, dus geen zomen; dit zorgt voor een strakker silhouet dat mooi afkleedt
  • Stof rekt in vier richtingen voor meer bewegingsvrijheid in elke richting
  • Stringmodel voor een gladde look, zelfs onder UA Compression-kleding
  • Kruis van zacht katoen
  • Zonder labels
  • Stijlnummer: 1325615

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Poor Performance

These are so disappointing. UA has been my go-to but they changed the style and material. The new ones roll down and slip all over the place. Going in the trash. Please please bring the old style back!

My Favoite Underwear

These underwear are the absolute best! They fit so perfectly and feel as though I have nothing on.

Fabric rolls up after one wash

I’m pretty disappointed in this underwear. The part of the thong which goes between your cheeks, after one wash rolls up to become basically a g-string. Pretty uncomfortable, almost painful after a while, and this is coming from someone who has worn thongs for many years and is very used to the normal feeling. Definitely going back to my Victoria’s Secret equivalent of these thongs, since they don’t have this problem.

Perfect fit

Comfy, barely there and true to size. I literally need way more. In alllll the colors. Size medium. Usually wear size 4-6. But don't like underwear digging in.

Please make XXS size!

Best underwear I've ever had, finally no more chafing during exercise. It has given me an instant relief from chafing ( ive had problems with it for a while now with most of the other underwears ) These are super comfortable and really feels like I wear nothing 1 downside I would mention is that even the XS size is a little bit too big for me in length, so I had to sew them to fit me properly. Please please make XXS sizes Thank you :)

Soft, thin, doesn't feel like you have anything on while still holding everything together ❤

Smooth can’t feel they are there

Material is So smooth, barely notice they are. Don’t seem to roll or move. A little tighter than the the OSFA version (the pure stretch) version. So I would say sizing is a little wrong. I prefer the Pure Stretch material and version better, but definitely have no lines in stretch pants.

No stars

Arrived and looked like a the thinnest, cheapest material. Fit was ok but the material immediately rolls up / crumples. Really disappointed. I expected under armour to have worked on a quality product that was fit for purpose. I’ve gone back to Runderwear thongs which are leagues ahead in design, wear, style and fabric for a similar price!

Best Thong Ever!

OMG! Ladies, this is the best thong ever. I originally purchased to give thongs, one more try. I’m an, average waist after two babies, African American woman. When I’m working out, I feel nothing. These thongs are super comfy (again you’ll forget they are on you), breathable and simply cute. I came back to purchase two more packs and decided to take the time to write a review. I am learning that, you truly pay for what you get. And these are WORTH it. You will not be disappointed. Because they are so lightweight and comfy, I’ve started wearing these outside of the gym and need more.

Nice material, good fit

Nice material, good fit. I would prefer a little bit higher waist to be honest. But the material is so soft, it makes up for it.