Herengolfschoenen UA Fade RST 2 Wide E

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Product DNA

  • Gemaakt voor golfers met brede voeten
  • Het bovenwerk bevat ademende Clarino®-microvezels en met Under Armour Storm behandeld textiel om je koel en droog te houden
  • 1 jaar beperkte garantie op waterdichtheid
  • Geïntegreerde veters voor een nauwsluitende pasvorm
  • Voorgevormd, uitneembaar EVA-voetbed
  • Lichte en duurzame buitenzool van rubber en een voorgevormde EVA-tussenzool
  • Voorgevormde, hybride UA RST-buitenzool (Under Armour Rotational Resistance), deels met en deels zonder spikes, voor stevige grip op verschillende ondergronden
  • Gewicht: 363 gram
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Great shoe, comfy, looks great etc. The only annoyance was the dirt that was engrained on the mesh of the tongue when i recieved it. Maybe from dirty handling or storage. Possibly review the quality control prior to dispatch. This is the only fault i could find with this product.

Chaussures de golf

Bon produit, chaussures légères Toutefois lacets trop courts

Lovely shoes but hard to keep clean

Having forgotten to take my own golf shoes to a two day team golf event I bought a pair of these from the local pro-shop as they were the only shoe they had in my size (and I liked to look of them). I've never worn Under Armour shoes before but these were incredibly comfortable right from the box. I wore them for the two day event, walking all the way, and they just got better and better. Loads of grip, light weight and super comfortable. I was raving to my friends about them and would still recommend them, BUT (you knew there was a 'but' coming), my pair are white and the fabric tongue has become very dirty after only half a dozen times wearing them in dry(ish) conditions. The fabric is now very stained where the laces press down onto the tongue, and where the eyelets are, and in general the front of the shoe now looks very scruffy. I've tried washing them with some branded fabric cleaner and, when that didn't work, scrubbing them with a nail brush and a small amount of washing up liquid. This has made a bit of an improvement but I can't see how I'm ever going to keep these shoes looking as good as they feel and as clean as I would like them to be. My tip would be to buy the black version if you don't want to end up with dirty grey centres or, only wear them in the driest of conditions on courses where the paths don't generate a lot of dust. These would be more than 5 stars if it wasn't for this problem.