Herenjoggingbroek UA Rival Fleece

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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Losvallend
Herenjoggingbroek UA Rival Fleece

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Product DNA

Dit wordt je nieuwe lievelingsbroek voor de warming-up van elke sport die je doet. Hij is licht, comfortabel en superzacht aan de binnenkant.
  • Losvallend: Ruimere pasvorm voor ultiem comfort
  • Superzachte fleece van katoenmix (230 g)
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Zachte en elastische geribbelde tailleband met trekkoord aan de buitenkant
  • Open steekzakken
  • Toelopende pijpen met geribbelde boorden
  • Geweven patch met logo
  • Binnenbeenlengte: 74 cm
  • Geïmporteerd

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I’m a medium in all of my joggers ive eve worn. I’m 5’10 and weigh 12 stone. I am a muscular build and I couldn’t get these above my lower leg. Wouldn’t recommend these to anyone of a bigger build. Seems like all joggers now a days are going for a stupidly tight fit.

Great all round casual wear

These men’s medium are a great fit for a woman, too. I bought a woman’s medium also and find the fit very similar; both are very good, soft, close fitting, good waist stitching, excellent seaming, look to last a long time while looking great.


Je le porte pour des sorties décontractées et non pour le sport. C'est génial , il est tellement confortable et taille avec justesse c'est incroyable. Je le recommande sans problème.

Fits well. My go to at the gym.

The pant fits very well. It is my go to pants at the gym. I have 4 pairs of this pants.

Comfortable but tight around calves

The sweatpants were very soft and comfortable, except it was too tight around the calves. If you have slim legs, these will fit perfectly.


Excellent fit, excellent fabric, a little stretchy, very black color, durable, just surprisingly excellent. These are much better than my five year old pairs. Really striking how they've designed the pants. They look excellent, sexy even. Tight around the calves but feels excellent, can easily just push 'em up, whatever. They basically just satisfy. And they're excellent.

Love my new sweats!

These fleece joggers are VERY comfortable. Just bought another pair.

Comfy joggers

Bought these in navy and black. Love the look and style of them. Very comfortable Joggers for gym use. Size fits true to size. I would recommend these and I would definitely buy them again.

Bad quality fabric

I bought this joggers for my boyfriend. They look great and he likes how they feel. However, the fabric around the inner legs area went bad only after 6 uses and one wash. I am very dissapointed.

Comfy Joggers

Love the way they feel and the way they fit. Had a pair similar a while back and found these.