Herenshort UA Launch SW - 20 cm

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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Herenshort UA Launch SW - 20 cm

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Product DNA

  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • De ultralichte, geweven stretchstof biedt onbeperkte bewegingsvrijheid
  • De mesh binnenvoering laat vocht verdampen en de shorts ademen
  • Mesh inzetstukken aan weerszijden voor extra ventilatie
  • Stof die in vier richtingen rekt zorgt voor meer bewegingsvrijheid in elke richting
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Omhulde elastische tailleband met trekkoord aan de binnenkant
  • Open steekzakken met rechts een binnenvakje van powermesh voor je telefoon
  • Reflecterende details zorgen voor meer zichtbaarheid bij hardlopen in het donker
  • Binnenbeenlengte: 18 cm
  • Geïmporteerd

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Get rid of the liner

Shorts are good after you cut liner out. The liner is cheap mesh, everyone cuts it out after buying. Save time and make them without it.

Great workout shorts

These are great workout shorts. They are lightweight and breathe well. Some people complain about the mesh liner, but I love it. I can jump into the pool after a workout without having to change.

Favorite shorts!

I love these shorts. Bought a pair and the fit was so good that I ended up buying a few more pairs for training. Pros - Lightweight - Breathable, don't get hot - Pockets are big enough for phone (if needed) - Small pocket for a key (non-zipper) Cons - The inside mesh. Easy fix, I cut out the mesh and the fit is perfect. Uses - Powerlifiting, running, HIIT workouts

Launch SW 7"

Great fit, great performance, quality product. Wont be disappointed!

Perfect Shorts for Running

I had originally had a pair of similar Under Armour shorts almost 10 years ago and decided to go back to their product, since I'm training for a marathon in October. The shorts fit me well, but my only concern was how easy the tear off tags came off when I initially tried them. Other than that, they are a good value in comparison to the other athletic apparel brands.

UA Launch SW 20cm Men's Shorts

Bought these to wear for running. I got them in grey. Extremely comfortable and don't rub. I like the material they are made from, excellent quality and value for money. They have good pockets and even a cheeky little pocket for your phone which I didn't know they had when I was buying them (product description might have said they had but I can't recall). UA logo appears to be reflective so will be of benefit when running at night. Be good to wear anytime not just for running.


Size and fit is great but the fabric starts to fall apart after a few washes. I started to notice balls of fabric build up on the front and back of the shorts after washing and drying shorts. Luckily I got black so it’s harder to notice but up close it’s easy to see.

Runs small

Are you suppose to wear underwear with these? If so, then these are very uncomfortable.

Très bon produit

Très bon produit. Très agréable à porter tiens bien au hanches et penser à prendre une taille en dessous pour tous les produit Under Armour ( c’est mon cas)

Great shorts

I love these shorts. Think the white colour looks great and im not a person who often wears white. They are super easy to exercise in whether doing HIT training or cycling and running. The also look good so can be worn casually. My only downside is that i had a can of drink in my pocket while cycling and it seemed to fall further and further down my leg, but this is not a major issue as usually i would have it in my drinks holder and the issue is not there when i run. So quite specific to cycling and not a reason to not buy. I dont write reviews often but am very pleased with these, my favourite ever shorts.