UA True Wireless Flash Headphones

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Height: Size: Fit: One Size Fits All
UA True Wireless Flash Headphones

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Product DNA

The first wireless earbuds actually designed specifically for runners—and the world took notice, naming them one of the best new running tech devices at CES 2019. They're engineered to stay in when you really start to move and they're also waterproof so when you sweat, it's no big deal. And, of course, you're still getting JBL-quality sound. No distractions, just speed.
  • Winged ear tips are secure but ultra-comfortable & designed to stay locked in while running
  • JBL® Charged Sound for bold sound tuned for sport, with rich bass to crush your workout
  • Easy-to-connect Bluetooth technology delivers wireless, zero-distraction performance
  • Up to 5 hours of battery life with a rugged aluminum 20-hour charging case
  • Bionic Hearing, a unique JBL sound & mic technology, allows athletes to still hear surroundings with Talk-Thru & Ambient Aware
  • Talk-Thru technology drops music down & turns on speech-optimised, noise-cancelling mics so you can easily talk between sets without removing your headphones
  • Ambient Aware technology allows you to continue to listen to your music during your workout, but still be aware of your surroundings
  • UA Stormproof waterproof technology with an IPX7 rating for ultimate water & sweat protection during your toughest workouts
  • Control functions for music, calls & more are engaged by pressing the centre buttons on the right & left ear buds
  • Bluetooth® wireless
  • Includes: 3 sizes of ear tips, 3 winged ear tip enhancers, charging case with Micro-USB port & charging cable
  • NOTE: This product can only be returned if found to be defective
  • Imported
  • NOTE: Contains components not suitable for general waste

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Good Sound, Bad Mic and not lasting long

After 2 years the earbuds won't charge anymore. Once I put them in the box, I see the red charging light, but when I use them the very next day, battery percentage is only 20% and you get that notification sound that battery is almost empty.Very annoying. The sound was good for music, the mic for voice calls was pretty bad so I am using a different headset for calls..

This product is crap

They say they're Sports Performance headphones but if you sweat if you have them on they will fall out I've had mine for about 6 to 8 months now and the left headphone just crapped out nothing it's coming out of it but it tells me it's turned on

Great headphones

I got these headphones for Christmas they are the best headphones I have used to date and I have had beats Pre and post apple, apples AirPods, jay birds, and skullcandy to name a few these outperform all those. I mixed and matched the ear pieces and found a perfect fit. The sound is awesome and the technology makes it easy to know when someone is trying to talk to you. The case is big but the time between charges makes it worth it

First 6 months, perfect, then the right earbud became defected!!

Purchase the Project Rock version in Dec 2019... 6 months later the earbud became defected. Wouldn't sync up and would say battery was low, but would charge! Contacted Harmon Support, who told me to send to Multicore to get checked out. They sent out a replacement in July 2020. 6 months on, they same thing happened!! Went through the same process and they recently replaced it with the new Project rock version as the version I had no longer was available. Replacement arrived this week and the bionic hearing was not working! Contacted Multicore, as they sent out the replacement for them to direct me back to Harmon Support to go through the whole process again! I have been advised today they will send out ANOTHER replacement, so this will be the 4th pair in total, in the space of 1 year! Currently contact UA directly to get a full refund as don't want to be going through the same process again in 6 months! Very poor product for UA and they only last 6 months, and they are not cheap and resolving the issue every 6 months is frustrating!

microfono pessimo

Questi auricoloari sono inadatti per le telefonate poichè il microfono ha una bassissima prestazione. La persona con cui parli nella telefonata sente la tua voce ovattata e da molto lontano. Considerando l'elevato costo degli auricolari il rapporta qualità prezzo è pessimo, non valgono sicuramente il loro prezzo.

Great design, Ok sound quality, but Poor lifecycle. Don't buy.

First 6months, perfect, then the right earbud became defected. It inconsistently charges in the case and frequently stops auto-connecting, so I have to repair the buds (if it even has a charge). I spend far too much time prepping/charging the headphones than should be required and half the time I give up so I do my workout. If they were a cheap pair then fine...but not what I expect at this price point, not the quality I expect from UA.

Left ear doesn't charge or connect

Purchased these earbuds about 5 months ago and it's been 1 month that the left earbud doesn't seem to charge or connect. Only the right earbud seems to work. I tried to reset, re-pair,...nothing works. It seems to work once and then disconnects again. This is very frustrating for the price I paid for these earbuds. I would not recommend. If you are in the market for sport earbuds, don't purchase these as you will be disappointed!

This is a great product

Fits good goes well with my iPhone would recommend to anyone

Buen rendimiento

Su sonido es muy bueno, me gustaría que tuvieran control de volumen debido a que los uso en MTB y no siempre tengo acceso al móvil para modificarlo. Después de 3 horas continúas en uso pueden molestar un poco, pero la calidad del sonido lo compensa, además que no tengo que estar pendiente de que se me caigan porque quedan bien fijos a las orejas! Los recomiendo

Left ear doesn't charge or connect

My 16yr old son saved his money to buy these a few months ago. Not long after he was telling me he was having problems with them charging. I didn't pay too much attention until one day I was working out with him and he only had one ear piece in. I asked why and he said the other one died. I gave him my earbuds and took his. The left ear will charge if you sit there and move it every 5 min, other than that, no charge. Last time I used them I made sure the lights were on both earbuds, 3 days later at the gym, right out of the box the left one was dead.. Contacted jvc twice with no reply. Great when they work, but they didn't work too long..