Chaussures d'entraînement UA TriBase™ Reign 2 pour homme

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Vous vous entraînez et évoluez en permanence.Nous aussi.C'est la raison pour laquelle nous avons pris la base triangulaire stable de la technologie TriBase™ d'Under Armour et ajouté un plus grand renfort talon externe, une meilleure adhérence en caoutchouc en motif dents de scie et une empeigne en maille extensible pour garder votre pied bien en place.Gagnez en adhérence et en durabilité.
  • La technologie UA TriBase™ optimise le contact avec le sol, favorise les mouvements naturels et garantit une grande flexibilité et adhérence pendant l'élévation
  • Contrefort de talon externe plus large et tige montante pour une stabilité et un maintien du talon accrus
  • Flexibilité et adhérence perfectionnées localisées à l'avant du pied, offrant une plus grande mobilité et davantage d'adhérence
  • Semelle intermédiaire en mousse Micro G® sur toute la longueur pour un amorti réactif optimal
  • Semelle extérieure 100 % caoutchouc enveloppant les côtés pour davantage de robustesse et de résistance aux éraflures, avec bande adhérente au milieu
  • Structure en caoutchouc stratégique sous le bout du pied pour améliorer l'adhérence au sol
  • Structure près du sol pour des sensations et un transfert de puissance accrus
  • Différentiel talon-pointe : 2 mm
  • Poids : 307 g
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Great all around shoe

I’m use to wearing another brand of shoe so this is my first step in UA. Needless to say that I am 100% satisfied. The shoes fit true to size. I agree with others that the back of the shoe is pretty stiff but it was not restrictive or uncomfortable to me. This shoe is very comfortable, I’m 6’4” 255 lbs. I’m resentful recovering from open heart surgery and attend therapy 3 times a week which consist of 30-40 min treadmill sessions and comfortable. I will probably be purchasing another pair in the near future. Now if only UA would make pants long enough for tall people.....


My Dad would love these. Lace up and get some grass stains on these bad boys.

More comfortable than originals

These are much more comfortable than the original Tribase. Higher in the back with more padding. Much better for longer wear. They are cut much bigger than the originals though. I have a 13 in the originals and I have these in a 12 and they for the same. Very stable. Great lifting shoe.

Perfect Fit

Love these. Just ordered a pair Reign-3. Keep you posted.


This is BY FAR the greatest training shoe of all time! I was BLOWN away! Its great support for lifting, squatting, and even did the work for boot camp and HIIT workouts!

Design Fatal Failure

Hello! I am a fervent defender of Under Armour equipment in my Crossfit Box. And it is a hard task with all those Metcon and Nano fanboys/girls. I was starting to win the battle but a few months ago I had to surrender. During a WOD with sled push my Tribase Reing collapsed and I was not able to finish. I think is a failure in design phase. The sole has a thin layer that is weak for all those push ups and whenever the feet are required to bend. But specially for sled push. Whenever you need the most traction from your toes, that thin sole part breaks. You can see the pictures. I only wanted to suggest a modification for better performance in your shoes and so I can keep bragging of Under Armor perks for Crossfit athletes! Best regards, David Alarcia

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The best training shoes I have ever tried. Narrow but comfortable. Hard and soft. Those are my second pair.

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chaussure parfaite pour l'entrainement, le confort est excellent l'ergonomie de ces chaussures

Comfortable but....

Fit was accurate, but within 3 weeks of use these began to fall apart. The left sole began to separate and the strips across the bottom of the fore foot began to peel. These were used for 1 hours workouts, 6 times a week. These also caused a severe pain in my right foot which only started after wearing them and went away once I switched back to NoBull Trainers, nothing else change in my workout.

Be careful tying them

Bought these, loved them, broke the cheap plastic like loop at the top of the lacing. They lasted a few months and was happy with the quality aside from that questionable detail. These are fine provided you don’t tighten the laces too much. They’re not real comfortable if not over the whole way up so I don’t wear anymore.