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UA True Wireless Flash Headphones

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Les premiers écouteurs sans fil spécialement conçus pour les coureurs. Le moins qu'on puisse dire, c'est qu'ils ne sont pas passés inaperçus : ils ont même été nommés parmi les meilleures nouvelles technologies de running lors du CES 2019. Conçus pour rester en place lorsque vous commencez à bouger, ils sont également imperméables pour ne pas glisser quand vous transpirez.Et bien sûr, vous bénéficiez toujours de la qualité de son de JBL.La vitesse sans aucune distraction.
  • Embouts avec stabilisateur ultra-confortables et sécurisés, conçus pour rester en place pendant l'effort
  • Système JBL® Charged Sound pour un son clair adapté au sport avec des basses puissantes pour se motiver à l'entraînement
  • Technologie Bluetooth facile à connecter qui fonctionne sans câble pour une performance sans aucune distraction
  • Jusqu'à 5 heures d'autonomie de batterie avec 20 heures de charge dans l'étui-chargeur en aluminium robuste
  • Technologie de son et micro Bionic Hearing exclusive de JBL, qui permet aux athlètes de continuer à entendre leur environnement grâce aux technologies TalkThru & Ambient Aware
  • Technologie Talk-Thru qui réduit le volume de la musique et active les microphones antibruit optimisés pour la parole, pour que vous puissiez parler facilement entre deux exercices sans retirer vos écouteurs
  • Technologie Ambient Aware qui permet de continuer à écouter votre musique pendant l'effort tout en restant conscient de votre environnement
  • Technologie étanche UA Stormproof avec indice IPX7 pour une protection optimale contre l'eau et la transpiration pendant vos entraînements les plus difficiles
  • Commandes pour contrôler la musique, les appels et plus encore via les boutons sur les écouteurs de droite et de gauche
  • Connexion sans fil par Bluetooth®
  • Comprend: 3 tailles d'embouts, 3 stabilisateurs d'embouts, un étui-chargeur avec port micro-USB et un câble de chargement
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UA true wireless flash headphones

Looks & feels a good quality product. Fit is great & they are very comfortable to wear once you have configured them to suit your ears. They have not fallen out whilst I run both road & x country. Sound quality is excellent really pleased & better than I would of imagined & love the ambient noise function. Great charging box & good battery life. Easy to set up by 51 year old non tech women. Paired with my phone & garmin watch really easily. Just what I wanted for running & working out, I can now leave my mobile at home when out running or walking my dog. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Very Disapointed

I work out 5-6 days a week and these were one of my favorite purchases. For the first 4 months the headphones worked great. Then the left headphone started not connecting. It would take 2-3 times to get it to connect. I never have a problem with the right ear bud. Then when i did get the left ear bud connected it would work for about 15-20 minutes and then would shut itself off because of no power. It was as if the left ear bud wasn't charging. I watched when i put it in the case and the charge light for the left ear bud would stay on for about 1 minute and then shut off. I now can not get the left ear bud to charge. I tried these instead of ordering my 3rd pair of Jaybirds and really liked them. I now regret doing this...very frustrating.

2 year life

These are great at canceling out sound and the sound quality is good. The only reason I gave it a 4 stars is because the price that I paid I would’ve liked that it lasted longer than 2 years. I always handled them with care. I never put them in water, and always charged appropriately.

Just purchased, but the left bud Talk-Thru & Ambient Aware not function

i'm a customer from Hong Kong Just purchased the UA True Wireless Flash Headphones... but found the Talk-Thru & Ambient Aware functions failed after pressing left ear bud (as per said 1-click and 2-clicks), instead, it pauses music and makes redial. Failed to reset it but placing ear buds inside charging case as per FAQ/Trouble shooting direction for the Sound: i'm a Bass lover but feel that the Bass is too much (like the brand Bxats)

Started out at really great earbuds

I’ve had these earbuds for over a year. They started out as really nice earbuds and have a lot of features that you’ll probably never use. They fit pretty good and the sound quality competes well against other competitors in this price range. However, the last few months one of the earbuds only charges to about 50% while the other charges to 100%. This is really unfortunate since they rely on each other to work. If the control earbud dies, you can’t use the other one. I’ve cleaned the connections on the case and made sure the case was fully charged. I wish this could be fixed.


The best headphones I've owned and I've had lots of different brands, the talk thru is absolutely amazing I bought these not to work out but for work. I do stuco on building and these are amazing I can hear everything well I listen to music as I work. The ear tips are amazing when I'm 30-50 feet on scaffolding they do not fall out. Overall they are just amazing

Feel and sound great

Fit snugly in my ears and the sound balance with ability to hear your surroundings is perfect. Long battery life. Also use them to ride my motorcycle...works as both music provider and hearing protection ;-)

Excellent product

Great product and great feel overall. I've been using the product for 3 months and I have really enjoyed the product overall. They have been work and wear for me so I am quite pleased. I've used them walking, running, and lifting weights. It's to a point where I feel uncomfortable working out if I'm not in them.

BT connectivity poor

Having my phone in my back pocket the connection is poor. Bluetooth cuts in and out several times during a song. Terrible

Stay snug during physical activity of any kind

I've had these for a few weeks now and have used them for running, crossfit, etc. I have had no issue with them falling out or needing to be adjusted which was the main issue I had with other in-ear headphones. They come with different-sized adjustments so you can fit them to your ear (it's not a one size fits all so if you're having issues, try sizing up or down with the different components which are easy to switch out). The sound quality on these is fantastic. I put them in and outside noise is blocked out. Of course, if you're outside running and want to be able to hear around you, you can set them so ambient noise comes through (simply by pressing on the left ear bud). I've had no issues syncing them either, which is a huge bonus. I have an iPhone X, for reference. Overall, these are incredibly simple to use and are fantastic for any type of physical activity as they'll stay in place and will allow you to drown out the noise and get into your workout.