Dameslegging ColdGear® Base 2.0

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€ 60,00
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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Dameslegging ColdGear® Base 2.0

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Product DNA

UA Base 2.0 is gemaakt voor koud weer en een hoog activiteitsniveau. De technologie gebruikt een uniek patroon dat warmte vasthoudt zonder de stof te verzwaren. Denk aan lang ondergoed, maar dan vernieuwd voor de topatleten van nu.
  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • UA Base™ 2.0 Active Baselayer is licht, flexibel en ademend en bedoeld voor een hoog activiteitsniveau bij koudere omstandigheden
  • Dankzij UA Scent Control-technologie kun je zorgeloos elke uitdaging aangaan
  • De zachte, geborstelde binnenkant met rasterpatroon houdt lucht vast om het microklimaat van je lichaam stabiel te houden, zodat je warm en comfortabel blijft
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Stof rekt in vier richtingen voor meer bewegingsvrijheid in elke richting
  • Brede en platte tailleband die iets hoger loopt zodat hij precies op je heupen valt
  • Stijlnummer: 1343325
  • Binnenbeenlengte: 75 cm
  • 81% polyester/19% elastarell
  • Geïmporteerd
  • Koud wassen in de wasmachine met soortgelijke kleuren
  • Alleen chloorvrij bleekmiddel gebruiken als dat nodig is
  • Drogen op lage temperatuur
  • Niet strijken
  • Geen wasverzachter gebruiken
  • Niet chemisch reinigen

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You need these!

Was looking for a warm light weight thermals for bicycle riding and wear around the house. These did not disappoint! Wore these under a pair of padded spandex and they were amazing warm. I'm tall and a little thick but the XL was a perfect fit.

Warm, but.....

This is my first time purchasing this style of cold gear. Leggings are warm but have a strange fit. After a few hours with little movement. They sagged I was thinking “ run outside “ leggings. But I when I went to store. They were not as warm as I expected. I have other cold gear that are warmer than these.

Love The Compression and Feel

If you like a legging with true, fitted compression this is your legging. I also love the feel of the fabric and the fact that is doesn't have that spandex sheen. I received 1 pair of these for Christmas and was able to comfortably go outside during January and February's cold temperatures. I decided to buy 2 more for this winter! The price is a little higher than I would usually pay- but I'll get plenty of wear out of them.

Disappointed, bring back the old stuff! :(

After many years, it was time to replace my old cold gear leggings. They had always kept me warm outside so I requested these leggings as a Christmas gift. Boy was I disappointed! They quality definitely changed - the leggings were way less warm than I anticipated.. Ended up having to double up on leggings at a bonfire whereas this never happened with my old ones - CON Going hand in hand with this, the leggings are pretty thin... beware showing off your underwear! - CON Even worse if the waistband! I washed only a few times but the waistband is starting to "bacon", becoming folded over, creased, and losing its smooth texture - CON They also run a little large in my opinion. Now I've lost a few pounds and they're too baggy and give me a butt pouch around back - CON I don't know what happened.. but I guess my quest for clothes to keep me warm on walks to the train in the winter continues.

Not happy

I've worn these tights about 4 times & have had to sew up holes twice. The material is very flimsy and prone to tearing. These aren't a super tight fit, they fit comfortably close to the skin, ut for some reason get holes very quickly. I'd give them 4 stars if it wasn't for the holey aspect.

Fit is great!I will buy more of these!!

I bought these leggings and the top. I am 5'6 121 pounds and the small fits like a glove. I am going to purchase another pair today!! Highly recommend.

they're ok

These fall on me as I am walking, so I can only imagine working out in them. The waistband mostly stays up but the crotch falls and I'm constantly puling them up which is annoying. They also came in a textured fabric, which I don't fully mind, but did not expect based on the photos and description. I do feel they don't ward off smells well as after washing i wore it once and i feel like the previous smells all came rushing back. They do fit close to skin without being tight, but almost too loose for me as they kept falling, but I can tell a size down would have been worse.