Herenboxer UA Tech™ Recover Boxerjock®

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Model lengte: Maat: Pasvorm: Nauwsluitend
Herenboxer UA Tech™ Recover Boxerjock®

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Product DNA

Sneller herstellen, sneller vooruitgang boeken. De met mineralen verrijkte stof reflecteert de energie die je produceert terug naar je spieren, zodat je je minder vermoeid voelt en je spieren sneller herstellen.
  • Nauwsluitend: Dicht op de huid, maar niet te strak
  • We hebben het ultieme systeem voor na wedstrijden en trainingen ontworpen om spieren sneller te helpen herstellen
  • Het patroon in het materiaal kaatst het infraroodlicht terug naar je lichaam, zodat je spieren sneller kunnen herstellen
  • Zeer zachte en ademende stof en voorgevormde gulp en kruis van mesh
  • Geen zij- of achternaden voor optimaal comfort
  • Stof rekt in vier richtingen voor meer bewegingsvrijheid in elke richting
  • Materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Tailleband voor optimale prestaties
  • Binnenbeenlengte: 15 cm
  • Zonder gulp
  • 90% polyester/10% elastaan

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Min. Max.

Too small, short rise

Order Large, which I use for other brands. The large here is way too small and is painful scores my hip bones

Feels like a second skin

Looks great, feels like you are wearing nothing :) Perfect for me..

Not happy

Disappointed to be honest. Tight fit no breathability or air flow Is there anything I like : no not really These incur moist and I feel hot/sweaty down below when wearing for physical activity. Not ideal to wear when sleeping as feel hot in them I thought they’d help but sadly not

Does it work? Who knows

First off. Under armour boxerjocks are above all else. I have other underwear but I just dig around them to find my UA pairs. This one being the recovery technology, I can’t say if it really makes a difference. I’ve been wearing them after my long runs of 10+ miles and I don’t notice a difference in bounce back time. But are they comfortable, yes. Are they supportive in all the right places, yes. Do they keep me dry in the summer heat, for the most part. In my opinion, what let’s it down just a little is the lack of front access. Why is there no fly? Obviously I knew this feature when I bought them but bought them anyway to try out the recovery features. I don’t know if the recovery technology works, if it does great, if not no big deal they’re comfortable underwear. I just wish it had front access

Nice to have Recover series underwear, wish it had a fly

I've enjoyed all of the UA Recover products I've purchased in the past. I've been impressed with all of them including these Boxerjocks, which I think are the first UA Recover underwear. While very similar in cut, comfort, and appearance over other UA underwear, the absence of a fly is missed. These will be relegated to after gym use, loungewear, and sleeping overnight. Without a fly they aren't practical for everyday wear or wear at the office. Otherwise they feel similar to Tech Boxerjocks and live up to UA's standards. I recommend, but with some reservations.

So comfortable

I love this underwear so much So I bought a total of 12