Unisex beanie UA Truckstop

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Unisex UA Truckstop Beanie

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Product DNA

  • Geribbelde, gebreide acrylstof voelt de hele dag warm en comfortabel
  • Het materiaal voert zweet af en droogt zeer snel
  • Patch van keperstof met siliconen logo
  • Stijlnummer: 1356707
  • 100% acryl
  • Geïmporteerd
  • Klassieke beaniezoom
  • 100% Acrylic
  • Imported

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Style & comfort

Articolo performante a 360 gradi: design, qualità, vestibilità, calore, comfort. Prodotto veramente ben riuscito, tra i tanti di casa UA, che soddisfa ogni possibile esigenza. Feeling perfetto a partire dal primo test, con materiali ottimi già al tatto e che confermano eccellente protezione dal freddo, senza effetto prurito per la pelle. Fasciante e comoda la linea di vestibilità, con ottima resa anche dal punto di vista dello stile; molto bello il colore brown acquistato. Ultimo punto di forza, l’estrema versatilità di un capo adatto sia ad un abbigliamento stylish quotidiano, che ad una tenuta più strettamente sportiva nei giorni di allenamento. Well done!

  • Truckstop BROWN

Finally a large enough beanie!

Finally a large enough beanie! Been struggling to find a proper, men sized beanie but the search is over. Love it. I agree with someone below in the comment section. This is not 'unisex' but I guess the 'modern days' require the company to be politically correct. This will be way too large for most women. Anyway. I am happy and I will order one more I think to have a spare one of needed. Thanks.

Great beanie!!!

I received this beanie today and I absolutely love it!! I was leary about getting it but I am SSOO glad I did. Its warm tight against my ear I've been having trouble with and TOTALLY WARM. I will be buying more of these in the near future!!!

Trucker beanie fashionable and comfy

[This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love the new UA trucker beanie. The muted color is perfect for any outfit! Super cute and comfy hat

It is too large to be unisex

Unfortunately this hat is so big for females and my husband tried it and it just sticks up at the top unless you are wearing it totally around your face and ears or you have a very big head

Great beanie. Colour was much brighter than the picture shows but really warm and comfortable to wear

Colour was much brighter than the picture shows but really warm and comfortable to wear

Misleading colour

Chose the 'orange' beanie because it looks more mustard yellow in the pictures, but it is orange! Very misleading photos!